Beer Legends Challenge


An important “right of passage” for all locals is the BEER LEGENDS CHALLENGE. Join the long list of patrons to have their name etched onto the “Beer Legends Board”. It’s not a competition, but a Fun Beer Appreciation Experience for the true Beer Lover. The ever changing list, from over 150 beers, includes local and imported diverse beer styles from all over the world. Work your way through the list and for your efforts you will be rewarded!

The real beauty of the legends club is its’ constant changes to the beer list. So once you have completed the list, there will always be something new to try whenever you visit! Or for the real beer legend, you can always start the list all over again!

Beer legend contenders get beers #20, #40, #60 and the last beer for free! On completion you will receive a $50 Bar Voucher & your Name on the Beer Legends Board!

To remain a valid contender a minimum of 1 (one) beer every 3 (three) months must be purchased. Those not purchasing the minimum one beer every three months will be AUTOMATICALLY DELETED from the database and must RE-START the Legends Challenge

Download Beer Legends List


Beer Legends : Wall of Fame


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